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Morgana, Oriental Dancer


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Photo by Lawrence Carradini

To book Morgana for a performance, and to share your thoughts about my web site, contact me:
I always welcome correspondence, but please do not add me to your distribution or marketing list, or share with this information with other distributors, without obtaining my permission. Likewise I won't share yours in this way without your consent.
Phone: 978-970-0755/978-996-6592
Mail: P.O. Box 8797 Lowell MA 01853-8797 USA
If you are still using my address, that's fine, you will still reach me! You may also use the email address below.
And, as in the Arabic song, "Batwanes Beek," whether near or far, I am happy with you.





Here's Looking At You! Jake, The Cairo Cat
Photo by Meg Smith

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